Shoplyfter - April Love - Case # 7906181 - Identity Thief

Shoplyfter April Love

April Love - Case # 7906181 - Identity Thief
Released: February 16, 2022

After April Love acts suspiciously, Justin Magnum brings her to the back office for questioning. April claims she is innocent but quickly confesses her crimes and is heard over the security camera. NOw to get herself out of serious trouble, she’ll have to do whatever Justin demands.

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MyFamilyPies - Zazie - Stepsisters Diary - S24:E2

MyFamilyPies Zazie

Zazie - Stepsisters Diary - S24:E2
Released: February 16, 2022

Zazie has been thinking about fucking her stepbrother, Nikki Nutz. She chronicles her desire in her diary, which she doesn't keep very well hidden. Nikki knows there's something illicit in that diary, so he waits until Zazie has peeled her clothes of to go take a shower and then sneaks into her room. By the time Zazie is done enjoying the process of rubbing her tits and pussy down with the help of the warm water, Niki is waiting for her. When he hears Zazie coming, Nikki begins reading her diary out loud without ever realizing that the words are about him until he gets to the part where she confesses that the guy she's crushing on is her stepbrother...

As soon as Nikki gets hit with the clue by four he shows a more proper amount of reverence. He asks Zazie if she's serious and that her pussy is wet right now. Guiding Nikki's hand beneath the towel, Zazie shows her stepbro that she is, indeed, wet for him. From there, things escalate quickly. Nikki admits that he's hard for Zazie, too. No longer willing to deny her desire, she lets the towel drop and then pushes Nikki back so that she can check out his hardon. Finding him even bigger than her wildest daydreams, Nikki goes ahead and opens wide to start licking and sucking her stepbrother's fuck stick. Her blowjob just ratchets both their desire higher, a situation she's not afraid to take further.

Straddling one leg over top of Nikki's hips, Zazie sinks down and takes him inside like she's wanted to for so long. At first her hips rock in a gentle rhythm that lets her lean forward to enjoy deep kisses. Then she leans back and really goes to town, bouncing away fast and furious. Nikki wants his turn in charge, which he gets when Zazie falls backwards and spreads herself out so that Nikki can drink her juices and finger bang her tight twat. When he replaces his fingers with his dick, Nikki is free to engage in some light breath play with Zazie while he fucks her. They keep the breath play up as they spoon. When Zazie gets on her hands and knees, Nikki gives it to her in rough doggy. Zazie goes for it one last time in an enthusiastic cowgirl, which milks a big creampie from her stepbro. Now that Nikki has made Zazie's dreams come true, they know they don't have to hide their feelings for one another anymore.

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NubileFilms - Marilyn Sugar - All About Tonight - S41:E7

NubileFilms Marilyn Sugar

Marilyn Sugar - All About Tonight - S41:E7
Released: February 16, 2022

Sometimes Kristof Cale needs a little bit of a pick me up, and he knows the girl for the job. He can always pick up the phone and have Marilyn Sugar on her way over in just a few minutes. Marilyn takes just long enough to deck herself out in some simple but sexy lingerie beneath a simple but sexy dress, and then she heads to Kristof's place...

When Marilyn arrives, Kristof is waiting for her to put on a show. This bubbly blonde is happy to deliver! She takes her time stripping for both Kristof's pleasure and her own. The slide of her fingertips across her skin is the perfect foreplay, especially as Marilyn's dress slithers to the ground. Backing up against the wall, Marilyn beckons for Kristof to join her.

With an invitation like that, how can Kristof say no? He crosses the room, propelled even faster when Marilyn is able to reach out and grab his tie to pull him in for a kiss. At Marilyn's insistence, Kristof kisses his way down her body while relieving her of her lingerie along the way. He pays tribute to her firm titties and lovely plump nipples, then gets down on his knees so he can worship her sleek bare pussy.

Turnabout is fair play as Marilyn helps Kristof to his feet. Popping his hardon out of his pants, she slides down his body until she's at the perfect level to lean forward and start sucking. Her BJ may have begun slow and steady, but there's an undeniable greed there that soon has Marilyn going at it harder and faster. Kristof listens to his lover's needs, gently capturing her hands and pinning them above her head as she deep throats him in an increasing sexual frenzy.

When Kristof can't wait another moment to be buried inside Marilyn, he helps her up and leans her backwards on the edge of the couch. Marilyn has just enough time to get one leg propped between them so that Kristof's body is scissoring her wide open, and then Kristof is shoving inside her tight warmth. Her dripping twat is the perfect welcome, a velvet glove that Kristof fits inside perfectly.

Marilyn gets on her hands and knees next with her face pressed against the top of the couch. That position is still at the perfect height for Kristof to reenter her. Going at it in doggy changes up the angle of penetration in a way that really gets Marilyn moaning in pure sensual delight.

When Kristof gets Marilyn off the couch and lays down in her stead, she doesn't waste a moment mounting him in cowgirl. Her stiffie ride continues as she turns around for some reverse cowgirl enjoyment. There's no stopping either of them in this position. As Marilyn comes apart, her pussy milks the climax right out of Kristof's fuck stick so that he fills her up with a creampie that drips free from Marilyn's twat when she climbs off the D.

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GirlsOnlyPorn - Anna Claire Clouds, Lexi Luna & Ryan Reid - Just The Girls - S5:E4

GirlsOnlyPorn Anna Claire Clouds Lexi Luna Ryan Reid

Anna Claire Clouds, Lexi Luna & Ryan Reid - Just The Girls - S5:E4
Released: February 16, 2022

What kind of a man leaves his girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Lexi Luna, Ryan Reid, and Anna Claire Clouds have all been left to their own devices on the most romantic day of the year thanks to a business trip for all three of their boyfriends. They’ve gotten together to commiserate their bad luck at being on their own.

Lexi starts things out right by getting drinks for all three of them. They're just getting into the middle of their pity party when Ryan's phone rings. Ryan turns her back to take the call, and Lexi takes that unexpected opportunity to lean in close to Anna Claire and pull her in for a kiss. Dropping her hand low to Anna Claire's bottom, Lexi lays it on thick and is gratified when Anna Claire's hands get busy in return. When Ryan returns and finds Lexi and Ryan in a sultry embrace, Lexi wastes no time pulling her other friend in for a three-way kiss and then leading them all to the bedroom...

Once Lexi strips out of her dress, the girls learn that she's rocking some bangin' lingerie underneath. She keeps Anna Claire and Ryan busy, directing them where to put their mouths and hands for the maximum pleasure for all involved. By the time Anna Claire is naked, she has found herself o her back with Lexi's mouth making magic in her pussy and Ryan's tongue flicking at her nipples.

Ryan gets the next turn in the middle, with Anna Claire working her breasts and Lexi continuing to make pussy magic with her tongue. Anna Claire is finding it all so hot she can't help but reach down to masturbate her own pussy. In the meantime, Lexi remains focused on the goal of making Ryan moan long and loud.

When it's finally time for Ryan and Anna Claire to give back to Lexi, they're oh so eager! Lexi finds herself on her side with Ryan going nuts with her tongue. Anna Claire cuddles in close and runs her own tongue over Lexi's anus with plenty of hot little dips inside. That paves the way for the girls to create an entire triangle of love where Lexi is munching Ryan's pussy, Ryan is eating out Anna Claire, and Anna Claire is feasting on Lexi. Finally sated, the girls cuddle in bed and agree no one needs a man for Valentine's day.

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DeepLush - Scarlit Scandal - Insatiable Need

DeepLush Scarlit Scandal

Scarlit Scandal - Insatiable Need
Released: February 16, 2022

After years since their last scene together, Scarlit and Small Hands rekindle their intense lust for each other in this incredible scene. Their chemistry comes through the whole scene with intense, rough fucking and deep, intimate moments. Scarlit cums over and over and over. This scene is not to be missed.

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