Scoreland - Jenni Noble - The Jenni Noble Warm-Up (2021) 1080p

Jenni Noble - The Jenni Noble Warm-Up
Released: November 19, 2021

Jenni Noble has been called one of the hottest girls of SCORELAND and rightfully so. Her naturally big, pliable breasts, voluptuous body, high sex drive and eager, down-to-earth personality created a big buzz here from day one. It's yoga time for Jenni, so she's brought her mat and dressed to workout. Nicky Rebel will be spotting Jenni and getting hands-on. The first thing to do is help Jenni stretch out and warm-up. She mentions that her inner thighs are a little tight...

Some leg stretches will fix that. The leg exercises do more than warm up her thighs. They warm up that velvet paradise between her legs. She begins to rub her pussy through her tight yoga pants. While she's on her back, Nicky warms up Jenni's large soft to the touch. That hits another spot. They take an early break from this training session so Jenni can tug on and stretch Nicky's boner through his pants. Pulling off his pants, Jenni lights up even more when his hard dick pops up. She puts a lip-lock on his cock and balls and tongues him like it's an ice cream cone. After she pulls off her top, Jenni wedges his dick between her tasty ta-tas for a lusty tit-fuck. Jenni's a sucker for a hard sucker. The rest of the yoga class is suspended so Jenni can workout on his pole, getting on top of it, sliding down and feeling it fill up her bushy pussy to give her that warm, fuzzy feeling.


Scoreland - Angel Wicky - Anal Creampie Angel (2021) 1080p

Angel Wicky - Anal Creampie Angel
Released: November 14, 2021

It's his one-man bachelor party and Angel Wicky is his entertainer for the evening in this club. She's all pink and blonde and sugar-sweet. Angel promises to give the groom a show and a lap dance he'll never forget. It might even make him change his marriage plans. A born exhibitionist, Angel dances in her hypnotic costume on the stage of the private champagne room and flaunts her perfect body at her seated guest...

She taunts and teases him about having fun on his "last night." Angel shakes and jiggles her big boobs. She turns around and rotates her fine ass. Her spell is cast. A man would need the willpower of a kung-fu monk to resist this Angel. Hovering over him, Angel unleashes her twins from her bikini top, shoving her tits in his face and giving him some cleavage to motorboat. He worships those fuckable hooters, sucking her nipples and sinking his fingers in her soft tit-flesh. Angel's bachelor-party special gets hotter than usual. She lovingly unzips his pants and takes his prick out to suck. It pops out erect like a meat switch-blade, much to Angel's kittenish purrs and sounds of pleasure. She takes his rod in her hand and wipes it on one areola, spits on it and starts her expert blow job. Angel gets on her back so he can drive his spit-slathered skin bus between her deep-cleavage mountains. Heading south, he spreads her pussy lips so he can tongue-tickle her candy box. That drives her crazy and prepares her fleshy tunnel for penetration. Angel is so hot the devil's mistress would be jealous. Mr. Groom fucks Angel's freshly wet slit and then puts her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl. She lowers herself, and his cock slides deeply into her asshole. He may change his mind about marriage after doing the push-push in Angel's ass and dropping his load inside Angel's lovely butt-pipe.


Scoreland - Brooklyn Springvalley - Brooklyn Springvalley & The SCORE Photographer (2021) 1080p

Brooklyn Springvalley - Brooklyn Springvalley & The SCORE Photographer
Released: November 12, 2021

As the editors at The SCORE Group have emphasized before, the life of a SCORE magazine photographer is a difficult one. He must photograph sexy, naked stunners five days a week--or longer, if he is trapped on an island with them. He must describe what he wants these busty bombshells to do on-set during the shoots in very explicit language, comments that would in everyday life guarantee a slap across his face. His face is often within inches of their pussies, wet from the thrill of exposing themselves to a stranger...

He often must wear steel-mesh underwear so the girls don't spot the erections they are giving him. How they have the fortitude to drag themselves to work each day demonstrates their professionalism. Now, here we have Milan, an excellent stud in front of the camera, but behind the camera photographing naked women with big tits, well, we're not so sure. Some of us bet he would cave, especially when we found out that his model was going to be Brooklyn Springvalley. Brooklyn easily seduced him, fucked him several times with her eyes, and got him to put away his camera before she even took her tits out. She wanted his dick in her mouth and pussy ASAP and she wasn't going to let him get away. Our training manual instructs photographers faced with this situation to hide in a locked bathroom, but it was too late. Milan gave in to Brooklyn's seductive ways in record time and his few mild protests didn't work. Using her skills in Boob-Fu, Brooklyn used minimal strength and simple leverage to easily push him onto the bed, get his pants off and swallow every inch of his cock. That was for starters. After getting her giant tits fucked, Brooklyn got on her knees and hands, ass up, head down, and waited for him to stretch her pussy. She was not going to leave the set until her mega-boobs were coated with cum. We may have lost a photographer but we did get a horny scene.