NubileFilms - Marina Gold - I Slept With My New Roommate - S41:E2 (2022) 1080p

Marina Gold - I Slept With My New Roommate - S41:E2
Released: January 20, 2022

Marina Gold and Murgur have recently moved in together, and Marina is both loving and hating the tension between them. She just can't help but notice how hot Murgur is. She wants him, more so every time she accidentally (or on purpose) catches a glimpse of Murgur's toned body. After spying Murgur in the shower and seeing that his big dick matches the rest of him, Marina decides that she's going to tap that no matter what.

Dressing in a crop top and shorts that barely cover more than a pair of panties, Marina goes to the kitchen where Murgur is reading the paper. She tries to get his attention in a variety of ways, none of which seem to work. That's okay; she's got plenty of patience and she's not about to get distracted now that she has a sexy goal to work towards...

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