MyFirstSexTeacher - Jennifer White - Horny professor Jennifer White rides student's dick on Valentine's day

MyFirstSexTeacher Jennifer White

Jennifer White - Horny professor Jennifer White rides student's dick on Valentine's day
Released: February 14, 2022

Jennifer White's boyfriend broke up with her, on Valentine's day of all days. Jennifer decides to make him regret it by posting sexy pics of herself online, but her mistake was that she was taking them in between classes in her very own classroom. Well her student walks in on her, hears her story, and offers her his sympathy along with a big box of chocolates. Jennifer decides to thank the student, and forget her ex, by fucking her student on her desk before her next class starts.

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TMWPOV - Lena Reif - Passionate sex after college

TMWPOV Lena Reif

Lena Reif - Passionate sex after college
Released: February 13, 2022

Getting into college is a big win for a teenager on their own way to adulthood. And first of all, Lena Reif thought that her sexual life would change when she entered college. But it's not happening yet... She comes back from college and shares her problems with her best friend in the dorm. The main problem that worries her is that she still does not have a boyfriend. She feels very upset about this. So, she decides that to cheer herself up she must get her friend's cock. An urge comes over her to touch it, suck it, and drain it of cum. She certainly does a good job at it too. Lena is so hot that she even makes her friend cum three times.

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WildOnCam - Jupiter Jetson - Fiery Hot Jupiter Jetson Gets Fucked The Way She Wants LIVE

WildOnCam Jupiter Jetson

Jupiter Jetson - Fiery Hot Jupiter Jetson Gets Fucked The Way She Wants LIVE
Released: February 14, 2022

Wild redhead Jupiter Jetson is looking bright in her sexy lingerie that really makes your eyes stay right on her... just as they should be! Jupiter will tell you how she wants you to stroke your cock to her and wants you to watch as she gets her pussy pounded hard! Oliver Davis can not get enough of that wet pussy burying his face deep in that snatch making her moan out and cum all over his face before giving Jupiter that dick her pussy really wants. Jupiter spreads her legs open and Oliver takes that opportunity to give her every inch of that big cock! Archive from 1-27-2022 5pm LIVE show!

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EvilAngel - Scarlet Chase - Glass Dildos Make A Squirting Fountain

EvilAngel Scarlet Chase

Scarlet Chase - Glass Dildos Make A Squirting Fountain
Released: February 14, 2022

In a tiny, turquoise bikini, gorgeous blonde Scarlet Chase shows creamy skin, big boobs and heart-shaped ass. The longhaired, smiling temptress twerks and spreads bouncy butt cheeks, and what's that? A butt plug, inserted beneath her bottoms! She flexes her sphincter, squeezing out the toy to taste it. On a round, white bed, Scarlet stuffs a bulbous, ridged glass dildo in and out of her anus, and she sucks it ass-to-mouth...

She extends her legs, fingering her pierced clit and bald box as the bobbing toy stretches her tight butthole to show rectal tissue. Scarlet buttfucks herself with the spit-wet toy, moaning. We can hear suction as the glass thrusts in her rectal clutch. Scarlet twists a big, clear glass corkscrew up her bunghole, and it twists in the opposite direction as her ass expels it! Anal jamming generates lewd, wet noises amid Scarlet's gasping and whimpering. The flexible lady fists her backdoor, and she buries two toys, achieving a solo DP! Scarlet masturbates hard, face reddening, asshole gaping, lube leaking. Suddenly, her pink gash gushes like a geyser! The ejaculation rises straight and then showers her body. Girl squirt soaks her pussy and asshole. Recovering from a profound orgasm in a puddle of her own juice, she flashes an exhausted, satisfied smile. Scarlet looks almost shy as she waves goodbye.

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AllGirlMassage - Jenna Sativa & Spencer Bradley - Long-Distance Surprise

AllGirlMassage Jenna Sativa Spencer Bradley

Jenna Sativa & Spencer Bradley - Long-Distance Surprise
Released: February 14, 2022

It's Jenna Sativa's birthday and she video chats with her girlfriend Casey Calvert. They are in a long-distance relationship and Casey is not able to visit for the b-day. They have not seen each other in months and seem pent-up. Casey tells Jenna that she has a birthday surprise for her. A moment later, the surprise arrives - Spencer Bradley, a private masseuse. She will give Jenna a massage while Casey watches over video chat. Jenna is excited and touched by Casey's thoughtfulness.

A few moments later, Spencer has set up her massage table. She gets to work sensually massaging Jenna as Casey watches from the laptop, offering suggestions throughout the rubdown. Eventually, Spencer leans in to kiss Jenna, revealing that Casey arranged for one last special surprise - the massage includes a happy ending!

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