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[AllHerLuv] Jayden Cole & Nicole Doshi - The Work Party - Part 2 1080p

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Jayden Cole & Nicole Doshi - The Work Party - Part 2
Released: January 14, 2023

Previously, Jayden (Cole) and Kyler (Quinn) snuck out of a party for all the office workers to chat upstairs in a bedroom, leading to older Jayden seducing Kyler.

Now Jayden's employee visits her boss's home. "I invite everybody new in the office over for drinks", Jayden explains, but it's obvious that she's attracted to the buxom Nicole (Doshi). Nicole gushes about her admiration for Jayden, declaring "You're my hero". The ladies sit comfortably on a couch on the terrace, framed by palm trees...

Both of them seem overly polite, even a bit nervous getting together privately with such attractive co-workers, Nicole apologizing profusely for not telling her boss that she's a teetotaler. After a few pleasantries, Jayden suddenly leans over and plants a solid smooch on Nicole's lips, and immediately apologizes, but Nicole is all smiles, clearly thrilled at such an intimacy with her role model. "I should have asked first. We have to have affirmative consent here", Jayden declares, her tone just slightly sarcastic.

"I wanted you to kiss me", Nicole responds, and the two of them immediately lock lips again. Jayden touches Nicole's knee lightly while complementing the precocious 22-year-old. The mutual admiration society escalates, and Jayden announces: "Come on, I want to show you my bedroom". Nicole asserts herself, countering: "Can't we stay here?". "Sure", Jayden replies, but it seems that there's a hint of competition to establish who's in charge going on, underneath the outward "all smiles" facade of the women.

After some caressing and more soulful kissing, Nicole pops the question: "Have you ever been with a woman? I've always liked women, not girls, but women", Nicole emphasizes. "What other secrets do you have?", Jayden asks. "Let me show you", Nicole responds, and embraces her boss, the ladies taking it up a notch. Nicole's breathing becomes heavy as Jayden showers her with kisses, lowering the youngster's top to suck at her nipple. Nicole reciprocates, declaring of Jayden's ample breasts: "They're so perfect!". They undress each other, and Nicole is soon licking her boss's shaved pussy, while intently maintaining eye contact. Watch the hot scene go way past fraternization...

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