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JapanHDV - Manami Nakanishi & Mei Ashikawa (2021) 1080p

JapanHDV Manami Nakanishi

Manami Nakanishi & Mei Ashikawa - Mei Ashikawa and Manami Nakanishi take a hiking trip with their husbands
Released: December 21, 2021

Mei Ashikawa and Manami Nakanishi take a hiking trip with their husbands for a very nice weekend away from the city. This was supposed to be a fun time for the couples to get away and enjoy some time in nature. What was unexpected is that Mei and Manami’s husbands were a couple of cheating perverts. It seems Manami’s husband decided he wanted a piece of that sweet Mei pussy pie. And of course since he was fucking her late at night someone heard and used their video recorder to video them as they fucked each other in the main living room of the cabin...

What was unexpected is that the video of their fuckfest at midnight would make it back to the hands of Mei’s husband. He saw what his wife did and what Manami’s husband did to her while everyone was sleeping and decided to get revenge on him. The next day on the trail down the mountain from the cabin Mei’s husband showed the video to Manami and let her know what her cheating husband had been up late doing with his wife. It was now time to get with Manami and show her husband two could play at that game. So he seduced her right there on the mountain trail. He got those big fat tits of her out of her t-shirt and he rubbed those dark nipples until they were very big and hard and he sucked on them and groped her lovely ass he had been eyeing the whole way up the mountain. He then got her pants off and turned her around so he could finger fuck her pussy from behind. He had her bent over and her pussy spread wide for him so he could slide his fingers deep inside her and get her off right there out in the open. He then.. go watch the full video to see what else he did to her on the mountain trail only meters away from her husband.

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JapanHDV - Mayu Kawai - Mayu Kawai gets her African American boyfriend in the shower to suck him (2021) 1080p

JapanHDV Mayu Kawai

Mayu Kawai - Mayu Kawai gets her African American boyfriend in the shower to suck him
Released: December 17, 2021

Mayu Kawai and her American male counterpart go for a ride around Tokyo. These two are happy to get a chauffeured ride around the city so they can enjoy the sights. These two are really going to enjoy this romantic ride and it is a first for them two to be treated so well. Her friend’s name is Mike and she just picked him up at the airport this morning. Mayu is a bit nervous to see Mike again as it has been so long. She agreed to this fun ride around the city before even getting him to his hotel so he could slide his big black cock in her. But this is going to be a fun ride we can tell as these two are very lovey dovey and can not keep their hands off each other...

Mike is horny, we can tell by the way he looks at Mayu. Mike has agreed to let our team watch them and follow them around for their intimate reunion. We get them to their hotel and it is shower time and time for the horny Miss Mayu to grab a hold of his fat cock and get him hard. Mayu is going to use her big fat titties to get Mike hard. He will not be able to resist her tits as she uses them to wash his body. These tits are so amazing the whole team wanted to jump into the shower and grab a hold of them. Mayu really started to get into the bath time and she rubber her wet naked body all over him. She then took his cock into her mouth so she could suck on some BBC for the first time on camera. She did her best to get his cock in her mouth and suck him off. Go watch the full video to enjoy the cock sucking and shower show.

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JapanHDV - Kaori Buki - Kaori Buki agrees to be interviewed and fingered to get ready for Bukkake time (2021) 1080p

JapanHDV Kaori Buki

Kaori Buki - Kaori Buki agrees to be interviewed and fingered to get ready for Bukkake time
Released: December 15, 2021

This is the day! Finally after so many members asked us to do a bukkake scene we brought you the very delicious Miss Kaori Buki. We live her and her sexy body. She is fun and sexy and so cute and she gets all of us so hard. She is just the right model to help us out with our member’s request. We approached her her to do this special scene and she was game. She was ripe for the picking and we got in with our man right away to pull down her top and take those titties out. They are so fucking hot and her nipples are so suckable...

And as soon as we had her nipples out our man went right in and spread her legs open and reached his hand in to lift her skirt and rub her crotch over her panties. This got her hot and she started to get wet. She loved getting her nipples sucked and was very happy to have our dude slip his hand under her skirt to play with her pussy. He really got into it and pulled her panties up tight and started rubbing her fuck hole and getting her ready for his next move which was standing Kaori up, turning her around and pulling down her panties so he could grab a hole of that luscious ass of hers. She leaned over and he made sure the camera was right there as he opened her ass for everyone to see. He then pulled one leg up and planted it on the table so he could finger fuck her pussy. She was really moaning now with two fingers buried deep inside her pussy. She couldn’t help herself and started to piss all over from how deep he had his fingers in her hole. Now it was time for the muscle massager to stimulate her… Go watch the whole video. It is so much better than the description!

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JapanHDV - Manami Nakanishi & Mei Ashikawa - Mei Ashikawa and Manami Nakanishi go on a long hike and then fuck (2021) 1080p

JapanHDV Manami Nakanishi Mei Ashikawa

Manami Nakanishi & Mei Ashikawa - Mei Ashikawa and Manami Nakanishi go on a long hike and then fuck
Released: December 13, 2021

So lovely to be outside on a mountain trail on such a beautiful day, Mei Ashikawa and Manami Nakanishi are enjoying a hike with their husbands and friends on this lovely day. It was a long hard trek up the mountain and it took all their energy to make it. Both girls were so tired and it took all their will to finish the hike to get to the lodge. When they arrived the whole party rested and had snacks and drinks and chatted into the night...

After several of them went to bed or passed out there were only Mei and her husband’s boss left at the table drinking. The boss was so horny watching Mei hike all day that he just had to have her and reached over and started to rub her neck and shoulders and started to grab at her breasts and kiss her. He wanted her and since her husband was passed out there next to the table from being so tired and the alcohol he decided to start taking off her clothes and enjoying her hot wet pink pussy. He pulled off her panties and opened her legs wide so he could dive into her pussy. She had such a sweet pussy he didn’t want to come up for air as he licked and sucked on her pussy lips and plunging his tongue into her pussy hole. He could taste all her pussy juice as she got more wet. He sat her down and spread her legs and started to finger her pussy. He had her wet and horny and she was in need or more than just a finger. He pulled out his cock and had her lean over and take it in her mouth. She swallowed up his cock like the horny cock hungry slut she was and sucked him off while her drunk husband laid next to her still passed out drunk. She enjoyed his cock so much she.. Go watch the full video to hear what this horny cheating housewife did next.

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JapanHDV - Mayu Kawai - Japanese Idol Mayu Kawai gets her first taste of a Big Black Cock (2021) 1080p

JapanHDV Mayu Kawai

Mayu Kawai - Japanese Idol Mayu Kawai gets her first taste of a Big Black Cock
Released: December 9, 2021

We are all fans of the lovley Mayu Kawai. She has an amazing body and so sexy. She has done lots of fun shoots in her career. She has had lots of different cocks that she has worked on. She has older men, and orgy, and newcomers but one kind she has never had is of the big black variety. So today we present you with Mayu Kawai and her experience getting her first BBC. She was so cute to study some English to get ready for the shoot. There are some things she thought she should know how to say if she we were going to work with an American. She has studied before as she was in America for a few years for college...

And now she is going to be putting her language skills to work with her new costar. We give her a brief interview to hear about this new experience in her life. We get so excited talking to her about her time in America and the men she fucked when she was in college. She had lots of experience with men while she was in college and got to taste a lot of different cocks. She describes her sexual experience with Americans as nice as they were more gentle when they were fucking her than Japanese men. This was getting us off so we asked her to open her robe and show us her tits. Do you remember them? They are amazing. Mayu really has some big fat titties that are so lovely. This was fun and now we wanted her to sit back and lift her robe for us and let us examine her pussy up close with our camera. Of course she being so cute and fun just sat back and spread her legs and let us in her robe to get so close to her pussy we could smell it. Go watch the full video. She is so hot and sexy and we really get to explore her a bit more.

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Japan HDV - Nagisa Sayama - Nagisa Sayama is at the office and enjoys all the sex toys being used (2021) 1080p

JapanHDV Nagisa Sayama

Nagisa Sayama - Nagisa Sayama is at the office and enjoys all the sex toys being used
Released: December 7, 2021

Nagisa Sayama is the new girl in the office. In the job interview she recently had she had to spread her legs, pull down her panties and masturbate. She loves to masturbate and it is not a big deal to her but to do it in an interview with a room full of men watching she thought was a bit odd. After the interview Nagisa went to the ladies room to freshen up when the office manager came it and unzipped his pants. It seems that he wanted her to suck his cock as he pulled it out and motioned for her to come over and kneel in front of him...

She sucked him off and got the job as the new office girl. Nagisa has now started her new job and today there is a presentation of a new product the office is introducing to the market. They need someone to test this out and give the office workers a hands on testing of these items so they better know how to market them. It seems today’s new products are all sex toys as they invite Nagisa to sit on the desk in front of the room as all the men come up with their sex toys to test. They collar her with some light bondage wear and then unbutton her blouse to use the small vibrating sex toys on her nipples. They then bring out the big muscle massager and ask her to spread her legs so they can dive into her pussy with their fingers and use the massager on her clit. These gentlemen do their best work on her working on her tits and pussy with all their sex toys. Nagisa moans and moans from the work that is being done to her. The gentlemen then bring out a speculum and let us see deep into her pussy. Go see this whole video. It is amazing and so worth the membership to see that hot pink Nagisa pussy.

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Japan HDV - Yu Ito - Yu Ito brings her lover back to the Tokyo love hotel to fuck (2021) 1080p

JapanHDV Yu Ito

Yu Ito - Yu Ito brings her lover back to the Tokyo love hotel to fuck
Released: December 5, 2021

Back to the hotel with our amateur couple fucking. Miss Yu Ito brings her boyfriend back to the hotel and we get to watch the whole evening unfold. We started out with them in the shower, getting all soapy and her leaning over so her boyfriend could fuck her from behind. What a lucky dude to slide his cock in her cute pussy. This dude really scores with Yu as she has such a hot banging body. She does not look like a model, she is just your girl next door here...

These two finish their shower and come to the bed to rest. He pulls down the sheet so we can see all of her and she looks hot! Those cute panties hiding that sweet ass, those hot tits begging to be licked. He is hard as a rock and he wants her on his cock. She reaches down and strokes him as he pinches her nipples. He pops up and spreads her legs and slides his hand into her panties and licks her nipples and sucks on them as she moans with pleasure at the pussy fingering she is getting. How fun for her and for us as we hear how excited she is getting and we see that her pussy is getting worked on. God she is hot! Yu is so bangable and it is time to slip the pantie off and reach down and slide a tongue into her hot pink pussy hole. Imagine the taste of her pussy juice as you glide your tongue up and down and into her pussy. Her pussy is shaved so you can see all of her pink lips and you spread them open and the camera can see deep into her pussy. She is wet with excitement and he fingers her some more. Then… Go watch the full video in the member’s section. It is worth the whole membership. You can watch it every day, and it will get you off each time. What a sweet fuck Yu gets in this video.

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Japan HDV - Mio Yoshida - Japanese housewife Mio Yoshida is in the shower with two salesmen (2021) 1080p

JapanHDV Mio Yoshida

Mio Yoshida - Japanese housewife Mio Yoshida is in the shower with two salesmen
Released: December 3, 2021

What is it that every lonely Japanese housewife in Tokyo wants to do while her husband is away all day. She secretly wants a couple of men to come to her door, and try to sell her a service that will make her life better, more fun, and more interesting. Because so many housewives are just bored or lonely at home. So today we get to see this exact scenario. We get to see a bored housewife finally be able to explore her sexy side, and enjoy an afternoon at home that does not involve being alone and dreaming of cock in her mouth or pussy. We join the scene where the two salesman are in the bath with Mio and they are in the shower where they are all enjoying each other and each other’s bodies...

Both men are hard as they kiss and massage and grab and play with Mio and her naked body. They have lathered her all up with soap and are rubbing their cocks against her and sliding their fingers inside her pussy as one kisses her mouth deeply and the other licks her neck and slides his cock up and down on her hips. Since they are both hard as a rock and Mio has two hands and a mouth, she starts to jerk them off and suck them off one by one. Mio takes one cock in her mouth, and jerks off the other, and then she switches and sucks the other off while she whacks off the first. This is one hot fucking shower. They decide to dry off and continue this fuck show in the bathroom. They all lay down and start kissing and the men go right for the pussy and start to pull it open so they can enjoy the taste of her pussy lips. Go watch the full video, it is so great and you are going to love to watch these two go down on her and enjoy her hot pussy!

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