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[BrattyMILF] Valentina Bellucci - My Bratty Stepmom Likes To Keep Secrets 1080p

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Valentina Bellucci - My Bratty Stepmom Likes To Keep Secrets
Released: October 27, 2023

Valentina Bellucci calls her stepson Chris Lockwood into her bedroom because the shower isn't working. Chris tries to troubleshoot through the door, but Valentina insists that he come in. When he gets the water going, Valentina immediately drops the towel. Chris tries to leave, but Valentina insists he wash her back and then her titties.

Later, Valentina calls Chris back into her bedroom. He finds his stepmommy splayed out naked on her bed, rubbing her pussy. Chris tries to decline her offer, but when Valentina tells him she'll suck his dick he relents. Valentina immediately puts her mouth to work guzzling her stepson's cock and balls. By the time she's done, Chris is on his back and so ready for even more milfy fun.

Climbing on top of her stepson, Valentina sinks down in reverse cowgirl so Chris can squeeze and smack that ass as she rides. She turns around for a cowgirl ride next, letting Chris see her big boobies bouncing and her bald twat eating his hardon. On her knees, Valentina moans her way through a doggy style pounding. They finish with Valentina on her back, her body quivering in delight. Now that she's finally sated, Valentina gets back on her knees so Chris can jerk himself off all over his thick stepmom's face.

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[BrattyMILF] April Snow - Stepmom Knows How To Dress For Success - S8:E7 1080p

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April Snow - Stepmom Knows How To Dress For Success - S8:E7
Released: October 13, 2023

April Snow listens patiently as her stepson Jay Romero asks to borrow her keys to go to a party. Instead of answering, she asks if he's going to go dressed like that. Jay changes clothes, but April claims it's still not the kind of outfit that'll get him laid. April claims she'll show him what she means and takes off.

When April reappears, she's wearing high heels and a black bra and thong. She claims that's all she needs to get laid and that Jay, in his boxers, is almost overdressed. When Jay responds to April's insistence that he remove his boxers, he is rewarded with a stepmommy deep throat blowjob. April pulls out all the stops, rubbing her big ass on Jay's cock and then stroking him with her feet.

Finally finished with her teasing, April slides her hips forward and impales her trimmed twat on Jay's hardon. She rides him in cowgirl while rubbing her clit, then turns around so she can keep giving it to Jay in reverse cowgirl. Jay gets his freak on a bit as he spanks that ass and rubs April's anus. On her back, April takes one last turn with her stepson's dick, then smiles with delight as he pulls out to nut on her stomach.

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