[TouchMyWife] Sasha Pearl - Wife Services The Pool Guy & Me! 1080p

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Sasha Pearl - Wife Services The Pool Guy & Me!
Released: October 13, 2023

Tony Rubino's wife Sasha Pearl is hot & horny. She's all gussied up because their pool guy GI Joey is over doing some work. Tony encourages his wife to make a move, he wants to watch his beloved get fucked hard! But the cutie is just too shy to pull the trigger, so her husband has to step in. Tony approaches Joey - and tells him his wife wants to get fucked by both of them, if Joey would be interested.

Joey is in. Sasha is nervous but turned on as Joey feels up her tits and wet pussy. Sasha sucks Joey's fat cock while her husband watches and then offers up his hard dick as well. Sasha sits on Joey and he stretches her tight wifey hole out with his girthy meat. The boys spit roast this horny hotwife, filling her up with cock on both ends. Joey fucks Sasha hard to orgasm and then stuff his dick down her throat until he unloads her in face. Sasha took her 2nd cum facial from her loving hubby not long after, while they all planned another rendezvous!

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[LoveHerFeet] Sybil - Sex Now, Work Later 1080p

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Sybil - Sex Now, Work Later
Released: August 16, 2023

Working at home is convenient, especially when you suddenly feel horny. Sybil is busy working on her project when Thomas Stone, her boyfriend, walks in. She is wearing a white top, a leather skirt, black stockings, and stiletto heels—an ensemble that may sound simple but looks absolutely stunning on the hot brunette and doesn’t go unnoticed by Thomas. The beauty's feet catch her boyfriend's attention the most, making him think about naughty things he wants to do to them.

Unable to control his desire, the naughty stud takes the laptop away from the busy lady and removes her heel to satiate his lust. Thomas sucks on Sybil's toes and plants naughty kisses on her soles, despite the stocking still on her feet. He continues to worship her feet and rubs them against his handsome face, letting the intoxicating smell fill his nose. Sybil gives her boyfriend's hard dick a sensual footjob then lifts her skirt so he can lick her shaved pussy as her foot strokes his length. After his big cock receives a steamy footjob and sloppy blowjob, Thomas rips the tip of his beautiful girl's stockings, exposing her sexy long toes with clear nail polish, and gives them a lustful shrimping while she takes care of his rod with a handjob. The horny man fucks Sybil in spoons after she pleases his throbbing cock. Following that, the horny woman with small tits and a firm ass rides her naughty boyfriend in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Thomas then pounds her wet pussy doggystyle eliciting soft moans from the hottie with every thrust. Every time the couple changes positions, Sybil makes sure to please the hard dick with her sexy feet before taking the length in her wet hole. After her partner pounds her pussy, the brunette babe reaches out behind her to give the man a handjob. Sybil pumps the big cock until Thomas cums, her wrinkled soles getting covered with the warm load– a sight that satisfies the two lovers.

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[LoveHerBoobs] Gia DiMarco - A Risky Business 480p

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Gia DiMarco - A Risky Business
Released: September 12, 2023

Keeping work and personal interest separate may be a bit tough for some people. Isiah Maxwell welcomes his model for his new line of lingerie. Gia DiMarco comes in wearing a snug dress, hugging her figure and emphasizing her big tits and firm ass, and high heels that complete the ensemble. The tattooed MILF sees the sets of lingerie on the table and is unable to contain her excitement. The designer encourages her to try them on in the dressing room, but the busty beauty humbly refuses.

She's okay with going naked right there and then, and the naughty stud doesn't stop her. With Isiah's help, Gia tries two different sets of lingerie. When she's about to put on the third one, she decides that it will be better to do it in the dressing room. The naughty stud uses various excuses to touch the tattooed MILF's body, running his hands all over her massive boobs and hairy pussy. Gia compliments his passion for his work at first to try and keep things professional, but eventually, she is unable to keep her lustful moans from escaping her mouth when Isiah starts sucking and biting her nipples. The inked babe pleases the horny man's throbbing cock with a sloppy blowjob, deepthroat, tittyfuck, ball-sucking, and handjob. It seems like the couple has to push back their work as they are not showing signs of stopping their steamy activity. Isiah picks up the busty siren with ease and fucks her while standing. He then puts Gia down and tittyfucks her before letting her blow him again. To make sure the tattooed MILF feels the same satisfaction, the muscled stud licks her hairy pussy while he kneads the big melons. He proceeds to pound the curvy beauty in missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle, and sideways missionary. Gia moans as the man's thrust gets faster, filling the room with a lusty atmosphere. After that, the naughty babe pleases the big black dick again with her mouth, hands, and juggs. Gia continues with the titjob until Isiah cums all over her enhanced tits.

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[SheLovesBlack] Queenie Sateen - Happy To See You 480p

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Queenie Sateen - Happy To See You
Released: September 6, 2023

There is always this one friend who is more like a family and can waltz in the house whenever they want– Queenie Sateen is that kind friend. The busty babe slept over and was walking around to borrow some clothes from her bestie, your sister, when she spotted you sitting on the couch. You greet each other and start talking about each other's love lives, prompting you to share about your long-distance relationship. Queenie knows that no man will be able to avoid looking at her curves, especially since she's wearing a white, skimpy lace dress.

An idea strikes her, and she starts teasing you, thinking it’ll bring you comfort. Queenie smiles in delight as she sees how hard you are. She starts touching your big black cock, marveling at how huge it is. The horny lady delivers a sloppy blowjob-handjob combo and deepthroats your BBC. After that, she gets up to take off her dress and the pink lace lingerie she's wearing. The sight of her big tits, round ass, and trimmed pussy arouses you even more. Queenie gives your huge black dick a sensual titjob before taking as much of the throbbing length she can fit into her mouth once again. Queenie plays with her clit before riding your big black rod in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The busty babe's moans encourage you to keep pounding her, switching to fuck in doggystyle and missionary, before she goes back on top in cowgirl style. Seeing how she's enjoying herself, you rub her clit while your BBC keeps thrusting in her. Queenie squirts three times before continuing to ride you in reverse cowgirl. Pulling out your huge black dick, you pump it while watching the naughty lady shake her round ass, then dump your warm load on her big round booty because it’s the perfect place to release it.

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[SheLovesBlack] Barbie Feels - A Secret Deal 480p

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Barbie Feels - A Secret Deal
Released: September 14, 2023

Sometimes, landing a wealthy husband and having everything is not enough. Barbie Feels receives a call from her husband saying he'll be away from home because of work. After asking him for his credit card so she can go shopping with her friends, she hangs up and calls you. The tattooed blonde lies about an urgent document that needs signing to lure you into coming over to the house. When you arrive, the naughty babe admits to lying and asks you to do something else for her instead.

You can't help but notice her seductive figure in her white crop top and snug skirt, highlighting her big tits and firm ass. Barbie is your boss' wife, so you need to control your raging lust for the hot beauty as you follow her inside the house. In the spacious living room, Barbie opens up about how she's lonely and that she craves something more physical despite being provided with luxury. The inked lady spreads her legs and exposes her shaved pussy for you to see. The fear of losing your job makes you reluctant, but you eventually give in after her constant reassurance. She helps you pull down your pants and takes your big black cock in her mouth. After the sensual blowjob-handjob combo, Barbie strips off her clothes and shows you her backside. You can't help but spread those pretty buttcheeks and stare at her juicy holes—a sight that makes your big cock throb. Barbie rides your BBC in reverse cowgirl before getting down to give your massive dick another sensual blowjob-handjob combo. The tattooed hottie makes sure to take your length down her throat. After that, the blonde babe gets on top of you again and rides you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. As the lewd activity goes on, you start craving more, and you don't even have time to think about the consequences if your boss catches you with his wife. You proceed to pound the naughty siren's wet pussy in doggystyle and missionary. Nearing your peak, you pull out of Barbie's hole and let her pump your big black dick until you cum all over her stomach.

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[BrazzersExxtra] Kitana Montana - Going Double Deep 1080p

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Kitana Montana - Going Double Deep
Released: October 15, 2023

Kitana Montana has big, beautiful titties and a booty that won’t quit. She loves hanging by the pool and shaking her ass as she oils up and fingering herself at the same time. It’s going to take more than one man to satisfy her, it’s going to take two: Quinton James and Xander Corvus. She wants both her holes filled and gets what she’s asking for in this steam deep double penetration session.

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[MySistersHotFriend] Adriana Faust - Cute and Sexy Adriana Faust takes her friend's brother for one sexy ride - REMASTERED 1080p

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Adriana Faust - Cute and Sexy Adriana Faust takes her friend's brother for one sexy ride - REMASTERED
Released: October 15, 2023

Adriana Faust likes to keep a tight schedule, and lucky for Jessica's brother, Patrick, she's got a tight little pussy too! Adriana (and her tits!) were like putty in his hands, and now he knows what it's like to fuck his sister's hot friend!

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