50 Plus Milfs - Halcyon Gold - Deep And Wet (2021) 1080p

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Halcyon Gold - Deep And Wet
Released: November 25, 2021

"Actually, it was my husband's idea to get into this, and I had an invitation to come to Miami, and I'd never been here before and I love it," said Halcyon Gold, a 52-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from rural North Carolina.

In her first fuck scene at 50PlusMILFs.com, Halcyon goes deep and gets the entire cock wet. We've often said some women suck cock and some women make love to cock. Halcyon is definitely in the latter category. She gets her lipstick all over it then goes deep on the cock once more.

Halcyon says her favorite position is doggy so the guy can go deep, and although she gets fucked in a whole lot of other positions, she obviously loves getting it from behind the most from this perfect stranger, a guy she met maybe five minutes before the camera rolled. She also is definitely not a cum dodger. So let's hear it for the newbie!

50Plus MILFs: When you're out in public, how do you dress?

Halcyon: It really depends on where I'm going. If it's out...

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50 Plus Milfs - Dani Dare - Johnny's mom fucks Johnny's best friend (2021) 1080p

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Dani Dare - Johnny's mom fucks Johnny's best friend
Released: November 18, 2021

Dani Dare, a 54-year-old wife and mom with big tits and a bangin' body, is in bed and fucking herself with a toy when her son's best friend shows up. Basically, he walks in on her while her glass dildo is buried inside her pussy and another toy is on her clit, and to say he's astonished is an understatement.

"Johnny's mom?" he says. "Mrs. Dare, what're you doing?"

Um, Dude, what do you think she's doing? She's fucking herself. She's horny.

"This isn't okay," he says.

Actually, it's a lot better than okay. It's great and it's going to get better.

"You're my best friend's mom," he says. "I need to fix this."

He fixes "this" by removing the dildo from her pussy.

"We're not even going to have dinner first and now we go from zero to hero?" she says, teasing him but not really teasing because teasers aren't pleasers. Mrs. Dare is definitely a pleaser.

At this point, Dani takes over, and what happens next? Well, you're at 50PlusMILFs.com. You know the answer to that.

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50 Plus Milfs - Amy Love - Amy Love pays homeage to Liz Starr (2021) 1080p

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Amy Love - Amy Love pays homeage to Liz Starr
Released: November 11, 2021

When 57-year-old divorcee and mom Amy Love debuted a few days ago, we said she reminds us a bit of a young Elizabeth Starr. Well, this scene kinda pays homage to the great Ms. Starr.

In what is without a doubt her greatest scene, filmed in 1999, Elizabeth shows up at a warehouse. She has a date with her boyfriend, and she's dressed to go: a tight dress that shows off her big tits and little ass, heels, the whole nine yards. The girl is dressed to fuck, but there's one problem: Her asswipe boyfriend isn't there. Vince Voyeur is, however, and he takes her for a tour of the warehouse, which happens to be a porn warehouse. And since "Mike," his partner, isn't there, and Liz is dressed to fuck, Vince has what "Mike" isn't having, all over the warehouse.

This scene is a lot like that one, sans warehouse. Amy is wearing a tight top that hugs her big tits and a little skirt. She has long, blond hair and long fingernails. She knocks on the door, looking for her boyfriend. They have a date...

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